Here are a few general questions to help you until we can meet or speak.  If it's easier for you please click the video/audio link and I will personally answer the questions below :)


Will I be getting Tom as my photographer? Do you use other photographers?

Yes, I am the chief photographer. Robin, my wife, is my number one choice for an assistant.  I also have  associate photographers that are available to work along with me and in other cases.  Plus they are avilable to shoot an event if I am all ready booked :)

What do you mean by "enhanced photo?"

Keep in mind that this is the process that I specialize in and I do not charge extra for this service. You will see it throughout my wedding photo galleries.  Most wedding photographers over-do this creative process.  It refers to either the cropping of an image, a b/w or a sepia effect applied, an aged look or any creative change from the original.  I also combine b/w and color into the same photograph. This resembles the look of the hand colored technique used in the days when color photography was not around.  

Do you give the digital files of all of the photos to us?

Yes I do give the digital files to you on a cool flash drive.  You get three copies of the flash drive depending on which package you select.  You will have full reproduction rights to your images also.

Do you take multiple photos of the formal groups?

Yes I do. It is a must to ensure that we get a good photo. More often than not we will get many photos that will work.

Do you travel?

Yes I will travel anywhere

What is your approach? Style that is?

I am completely candid. We arrange only the formal group photographs. 

Do you follow the same ideas from one wedding to another?

I handle each wedding differently. The "basics" are always included and we work together to create a body of work that is unique to your day.

Other than weddings do you photograph other subjects?

Yes I do. We've begun "Newborn" photography!  I have been a freelance photographer for over twenty years specializing in Architecture, Travel, Performance and Stock photography. You can view any of these images inside my web page. Please check them out.

Is your last name really Mike?

Yes it is believe it or not. My father is also Tom Mike so it is not really an uncommon name at all. LOL. Visualize my logo, TM, if that helps.